Frequently Asked Questions - Your Golf Society FAQ

Below you will see a list of frequently asked questions, we hope these cover most of your queries, if however you are unable to get the answer you would like, you can go to the Contact page and send us an E-Mail with your question.

Can I upload a picture of each member ?
YES each player can have their profile and picture (JPEG format) uploaded from your computer.

How many members can be in my golf society ?
As many as you like, each member can have his profile details stored, like contact details address, date joined etc. It is very simple and convenient.

How does the Games and Scoring System work ?
All you need to do is create a game that you have played and then load your members into that game (make sure all of the members and guests are entered into the player section first). Enter the net scores using either Stableford or Medal play score achieved. You can have single player scoring or link players into teams. The system will allocate points based on the number of players/teams taking part and award appropriate points based on there score position. e.g: 8 members/teams took part, maximum amount of points to be won for that game is 8 for the winner/s, counting down to 1 for the wooden spoon member/s. Bonus points for 1st, 2nd and 3rd can be awarded as standard or as the the organising committee sees fit.

The scoring system automatically adjusts to scoring in Medal or Stableford mode, when chosen in your setup for each game.

Can I make notes on each game such as money or prizes won ?
Yes you can add extra information to each game for your records.

What extra stats will the scoring system record ?
It will record how many times each member has came 1st, 2nd, or 3rd and Wooden Spoons, as well as the Longest Drive and any Nearest the Pinʼs awarded

Can it control my members handicap ?
Yes if you want it to. You can manage your members handicap automatically or manually throughout each game. It will show each members Club handicap and what there current Society handicap is based on how they have performed during the year.

How do my members access the society website pages ?
On creating an account you will be asked to provide a username and password for yourself as the administrator, and another for your members to view only the society pages with no permissions to change any of the details.

Can I add photos from my golf tours etc ?
Yes in the gallery pages you can upload your JPEG photos from past and present tours and give them a tour title, date and assign the golf club that the game was played at.

Can I contact all my players from my society website ?
Yes, the administrator has the function to email all players listed using our internal contact my players function.

How many Golf Courses are in the Playing Away pages ?
Over 26,000 Golf courses are listed with all the info you will need to know about what the course has to offer. All courses are linked to google maps and a postcode finder for your convenience.

How much will it cost after the trial period ?
Once your Free trial period has expired the cost to run your Golf Society online will be £49.00 per year based on the date that your trial period finished.