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Viewing Game - Friendly Match Play Game

Friendly Match Play Game

Game Date:

Friday 11th March 2016

Game Location:

Sherborne Golf Club

Game Type:


Game Description:

Friendly Match Play game were we played against each other.

Match 1
Barry Finch (11)Won5/42
Dan Crane (24.00)Lost5/40
Match 2
Darren Dove (8)HalfHalf1
Brian Eagle (10.00)HalfHalf1
Match 3
David Wagtail (25)Lost1/40
Guest Fred Crow (0.00)Won1/42
Match 4
Geoffery Hawk (5)Won4/22
Guest Jack Sparrow (0.00)Lost4/20
Match 5
Jon Starling (20)Lost1/60
Gary Seagull (26.00)Won1/62
Game ended in a draw: 5 points to 5